Cauliflower and crayfish

creamy soup.

Kr. 95,-

Shrimps and Crayfish  

served with a marie rose sauce and crispy salad

Kr. 95,-

Venison Carpaccio

served with parmesan, capers and a balsamic reduction.

Kr. 95,-

Tuna and Salmon

Tuna - Salmon tartar and a smoked salmon mousse served with a wasabi cream.

Kr. 95,-

Main courses:

As side dish for the main courses you can choose between

Risotto with safran and parmesan - New crushed herb potatoes

Rack of Lamb

served with a parsley and garlic pure, grilled vegetables and a red wine and rosemary sauce.

kr. 265,-

Tuna steak

served with grilled pineapple, asparagus and a white pineapple-garlic crème    .

kr. 255,-

Confit guinea fowl leg

served with crispy Parma ham, Jerusalem artichoke pure, tomatoes and a red wine reduction

kr. 245,-

Rib Eye

(Novillo grain fed 200 g)

served with cherry tomatoes, fried Jerusalem artichoke and béarnaise sauce.

Kr. 265,-


Crème Brulée

served with a champagne sorbet

Kr. 85,-

Lemon pie with

served with vanilla ice cream

Kr. 85,-

Chocolate cheesecake

served with raspberry sorbet.

Kr. 85,-

Amadeus cheese plate

Kr. 95,-

You can select the composition of your menu from the courses above (for 1 person only)

2 courses one main course of these kr. 325,-

3 courses one main course of these kr. 375,-

Amadeus Salad

Served with grilled vegetables, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts,

sweet cranberries, feta cheese, olives and pesto oil

kr. 130,-

Amadeus Burger

Steak of 200 grams fresh minced meat, served with our homemade organic bread,

roasted bacon, cheese, salad and oven baked potatoes

Kr. 160,-

Lasagna with beef or vegetables

Served with ratatouille and fresh salad

Kr. 160,-

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Phone: 35 11 16 30 or 26 23 91 97 / E-mail: kontakt@restaurant-amadeus.dk