Lunchmenu and Danish smørrebrød​

Danish Breakfast (from 8-11)

2 breakfast rolls, 1 Danish pastry, organic

rye bread, ham, butter, cheese, marmalade and 1 glass of juice,

79, -

Brunch (from 10-13)

Scramble eggs, beef sausages and bacon, cheese, ham, fruit salad, rösti American pancake, yoghurt with müsli and 1 glass of juice.

139, -

Vegetarian Brunch (from 10-13)

American pancake, scramble eggs, grilled vegetables, backed cheese, fruit salad, rösti, yoghurt with müsli, 1 danish, cheese and 1 glass of juice.


Omelettes (from 10-14)

All omelettes are served with fresh salad and pesto oil.

Choose between:

Mozzarella & tomato – Ham & cheese – Grilled vegetables & cheese-

Roasted mushrooms & cheese

85, -


Homemade organic bread filled with fresh salad, tomato, cucumber, jalapenos and onions.

(extras potatoes 35,-).

Choose between:

Ham & cheese kr. 79,-/ Turkey & bacon kr. 79,-/ Mozzarella & tomato kr. 89,-

Smoked Salmon with guacamole kr. 95,-/ Roast beef with pickles and horseradish kr. 89,-

Danish SMØRREBRØD served on homemade rye bread from our own bakery.

You can choose between 14 different SMØRREBRØD all is homemade:

Homemade curry herring with apples, capers, dill and egg.

Homemade herring with aniseed, marinated in dill and sweet chilli.

Homemade white herring marinated with dill and onions served with sour cream.

Plaice, (fresh and pan-fried) with homemade tartar sauce, lemon and dill.

Smoked salmon served with a cream of horseradish and apples.

Roasted pork with red cabbage and cucumber salad

Homemade fish rissole with onions, dill and lemon.

Homemade warm liver paste with roasted mushrooms and bacon.

Homemade roast beef with tartar sauce, red onions, pickles and horseradish.

Homemade chicken salad with apples, red onions and mango chutney.

Eggs and shrimps served with dill and lemon.

Homemade Danish herb meatball served with red onions and a beetroot cream.

Smoked Mackerel served with chilli mayo, eggs and dill.

Braised Lamb served with mint dressing, red onions and horseradish

1 piece 75,-

2 pieces (only for 1 person) 140,-

3 pieces (only for 1 person) 175,-

3 pieces and 1 snaps (only for 1 person) 195,-

Tomato Soup

Served with homemade bread.

85, -

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Slow braised pork in oven, served with salad, mustard dressing,

coleslaw and oven baked potatoes.


Grilled Rib Eye (Hereford and grain fed 180 g)

served with new crushed potatoes, grilled root crops,

beetroot-tzaziki and a béarnaise sauce.

kr. 179,-

The Chefs pulled Chicken salad

slow braised chicken served with

olive, sun dried tomatoes, crispy Parma ham and a honey mustard dressing.


Salad with grilled salmon

served with olive, sun dried tomatoes, feta, tomato and a pesto dressing.



with beef or grilled vegetables served with salad and ratatouille.


Oven-baked Place-filet with shrimps

served with grilled vegetables, red pepper pure, tomato salsa, new crushed potatoes and a creamy white wine sauce.


Pulled chicken sandwich

Slowly roasted chicken served in our homemade bread with

Crispy Parma ham, spicy mango-apple chutney and oven baked potatoes.


Amadeus salad

with grilled vegetables, pines, sun dried tomatoes,

sweet cranberries, olives, feta cheese and pesto oil.


Amadeus burger

Steak of 200 grams fresh minced beef, served with our homemade organic

bread with roasted bacon, cheese, salad and oven baked potatoes.


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